The Hosts

Dominic (Host)
Dominic has been a nerd since he was a child. His parents skipped a honeymoon to have a keg party for the M*A*S*H* final episode with the money. His mother and brother made sure his geek education was of the highest quality with a slight deviation into anime. He's been that geek who other nerds picked on until high school when he came out as queer. He loves old campy movies where the heroes were manly, the villains were gay coded, and the female characters dramatically walked into the ocean in full ball gowns to drown. He's a hero because he cries at the idea of Luke Skywalker going to the dark side, but he's a villain because...well, his sex drive is basically direct evil.

BRI (Host)
Bri is the sort of girl your mother warned you about. A proud geek from a young age, she didn't realize that not everyone could name the crew of each Star Trek series until she was in high school. She has been involved in theater from grade school through college, and has frequently been called upon to play villainous roles which contributed greatly to her fascination with the nature of Villainy in fiction. She is a particular lover of Dystopian Sci-Fi, Artificial Intelligence, and Post Apocalyptic fiction - and is presently writing a book series blending all three. Other interests include video games, board games, fencing, and professional wrestling. Bri is proud to call herself a Villain, and does, in fact, prefer Coffee. 

STEVE (Host)
Steve tossed his hat into the nerd ring on September 8th, 1998 with the first US airing of Pokemon.  Since then, he's delved into the world of anime and sci-fi fandoms. Steve started cosplaying in 2008 and never looked back. In deciding his costumes, Steve always looked towards those with more heroic traits. They may not be the heroes that everyone likes, but the heroes they need. Chaotic is his nature. And as a dad, prepare for the worst.  His paper puns aren't just bad, they're tearable. ::cue drum hit::