About Us

Have you ever got into a bit of a geek rage with someone over them completely missing the wonders of a hero other people think are a snooze fest? Have you ever had to explain that you like a villain but that doesn't mean you excuse their actions? Have you ever challenged to fight someone at 3 am in a abandoned parking lot because they talked bad about The DC cinematic universe? 
Well, so has the cast of Villain Coffee Hero Tea. Here are three geeks who have all been drawn to the complex and wonderful journey of the hero/villain dynamic. They believe, regardless of fandom or regardless of genre, we all have that villain or hero we can point out as our favorite. This isn't about making villains redeeming or heroes edgy. This is about loving them for all their messy parts.
From classic films, comics, books, video games to musicals. Villain Coffee Hero Tea wants to grab these characters, tie them to a chair and ask them what they'd like to drink while we talk about them. We'll return them back in roughly the same condition we got them in....Mostly.
Villain Coffee Hero Tea is a podcast about heroes, villains, and hot beverages. Whatever you're drinking, pour yourself a cup.

Villain Coffee Hero Tea is produced by: KALE WHINN PRODUCTIONS LLC